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KEYSA recognizes that different ages of players and level of play will require different coach training.  The KEYSA coach pathway will help to clarify what training is available to you as a soccer coach as you move through soccer program with the players.

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online courses available:

making headway

making ethical decisions(MED)Make Ethical Decisions | viaSport

respect in sport Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders - Getting Started (

Safe sport training Participants Training | Safesport (

Canada soccer coaching courses Grassroots Coach Education Program - Canada Soccer (

Other courses through BC Soccer:

 Each year KEYSA will offer one or more of Canada soccer's grassroots coaching courses for our coaches to take.  


At this stage, players should participate in stimulating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a FUN atmosphere. The emphasis should be movement exercises and games that promote a feel for the ball while teaching basic principles of play within a fun but structured setting. Informal games can be set up at the end of practices or as part of a jamboree mixing exercising and games. Play equal time and try all team positions, including goalkeeper, and equal time should be allotted to practices and games.
Pre-requisite: N/A (minimum age requirement is 16 years old)
Course Length: 3.5 hours


SOCCER FOR LIFE ( U13+)-required to coach a team at provincials

At this stage, skill training demands and training loads are increased to develop and refine skills and tactics. Tactical awareness becomes an increasingly important facet of training, alongside mental toughness, concentration, and diligence. Elite soccer groups may express interest in recruiting talented young players, but coaches and parents should be careful to recognize and protect the long-term interests of each athlete. Game formats develop from 8v8 to 11v11 (although no 11v11 prior to 13 years of age) as players grow through this stage, and the season moves toward year-round play that includes appropriate rest and recovery periods.
Pre-requisite: N/A (minimum age requirement is 16 years old)
Course Length: 16 hours 


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